energetics of food



By Susan Krieger, AOBTA®-CI, Dipl Ac, OM & ABT (NCCAOM)

This is the time when Yang Qi becomes dormant and Yin Qi dominates. We need to conserve energy and build strength to be ready for spring.

Storing our reserves is vital for the strength of our Kidneys. Itis advisable to eat more food with salty, sour and bitter flavors. Eating excess glutinous, uncooked and cold food damages the kidneys, spleen and stomach, and should be taken in moderation. Foods with more oils will help to retain warmth.

The salty taste strengthens the Water Element: as in sea veggies, cooking with sea salt, using aduki and black soybeans to nourish, burdock, pork, fish, walnuts, black sesame seeds, dark leafy greens, figs, kombu tea; shiitake, cucumber, rishi, or daikon.

If Kidney Qi is deficient, nourish with combined sea and land vegetable dishes, dried daikon as in stew, dark leafy greens, kale, collards, fish stew.

Nourishing the Kidneys, which are highly active in winter, strengthens their storage function, helping to preserve their Essence which means preserving our core life energy. Although individual sea vegetables can be targeted for nourishing each element, this rich source of minerals is highly important for nourishing and strengthening the Kidneys, bones and Blood. Examples are hiziki, kombu, arame, wakame, dulse, nori, black fungus kelp and more.

Negative Emotions: fearful, weak willpower, insecure, aloof, isolated. There may be a tendency to hold in one’s dreams and goals, to not share well with others and to have little faith or confidence in one’s ability to make things happen in life.

Balanced Water is manifested when the desire, will, and courage to manifest movement and changes in life are prevalent. Our self confidence is known to be housed in and reflected by our Kidney Qi, which becomes strong from foods, Qigong and other forms of exercise, spiritual growth, and the courage to find, to believe in and to move towards our higher goals and dreams.

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