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Space Clearings

Space clearing techniques have their source in ancient techniques practiced throughout human history. While the methods and tools vary from one culture to the other -- from China and the Middle East, to medieval Europe and native America -- the intent was the same ~ to create economy and restore balance. Energy in a home or office can become stagnant. This may be particularly noticeable after stressful situations, such as an argument or a major loss. Space Clearing releases stagnant energy, allowing positive energy into your home or office. Space Clearing is also helpful in offices where there is a lot of electronic equipment, and floor plans that may not accommodate optimal Feng Shui. When moving into a new home or office, Space Clearing is recommended to clear away vibrations from previous tenants. Even if Feng Shui has been applied, without a Space Clearing it’s akin to putting fresh flowers into a dirty vase. Corporations employ Space Clearers on a regular basis to increase productivity and sales, and to decrease absenteeism. Real estate firms employ Space Clearers to accelerate property sales. Space Clearing can have an impact on every aspect of your life, creating harmony so that your house or office becomes a home for your soul.