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Qigong (pronounced chee-gong) is a method of managing health that has been practiced since ancient times in China. On any morning in the parks throughout China, you will find literally thousands of people doing Qigong practices. People often think this is T'ai Chi.  It is usually Qigong, the original healing art that pre-dates acupuncture.  T'ai Chi and the other martial arts grew out of Qigong. 

Qigong consists of a variety of techniques, some employing the breath, some acting on the outer muscles of the body and others improving the operation of the various bodily systems. It is instrumental in the prevention and treatment of dis-ease, the maintenance and improvement of health, and in holding back the process of aging and extending life. In fact, when you visit a doctor in China, you very well might be given a Qigong form as part of your prescription to recover and maintain your health.

Diedre tailors the styles of Qigong to individual and/or class needs.  She has taught in a variety of venues, including: 

Council on Aging/Southwestern Vermont

Vermont Sport & Fitness Club, Rutland VT

Peace of Mind Emporium, Mendon VT

Neighbor to Neighbor AmeriCorps, Stowe VT

Rutland Mental Health (Staff and consumers), Rutland VT

Loretto Nursing Home, Rutland VT

The Gables (Senior Living), Rutland VT

New Life Hiking Spa, Killington VT

RehabGym, Colchester VT

Contact us today and let Diedre tailor a class for your group, company or private lesson, and begin your journey to improved health and well-being.

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